Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Chicks

Our baby chicks arrived yesterday from Murry Mcmurry. We only lost one little one in shipment. We ordered Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks and Black Australorps. There are two little ones that look different from the others and this litte girl is one. The background in this picture is a little busy.

Here is another little girl that looks just a little different than the others.

This little girl is a Barred Rock!

My school days are flying by and here it is almost October. Bailee's busy playing JH volleyball each Monday and Thursday and I am busy running after her. Zane has flag football practices each Tuesday and Thursday and Rick is busy helping out at the practices. His games start the first Saturday in October.


  1. They are so darn cute.
    I bet you are busy running these days. Hope you have good running shoes!!!!

  2. Nice shots of your new little cuties. They always give you an extra exotic or two. Those might be roosters too. We got 2 hens and 1 roosters in our freebees. I have all 3 still. How are the little guys doing today? Keep them warm and draft free for these first weeks and they should do fine. My spring chicks are all laying everyday. Yours should be when they are around 20 weeks. Enjoy them!

  3. By the way, I like that background. Nothing wrong with it. The watered is just fine blurred out just enough. The chick and hands are the main focus and stand out.

  4. Dang autocorrect! It changed waterer to watered.