Saturday, September 10, 2011

No time

There has been no time to post pictures this week much less take any new ones. It's been busy. I survived my first week of school! Yay! I had open house for the Elementary School this week and the kids had open house for their schools as well. It's going to be a great year for all!

Tonight we are headed to the Spokane Interstate Fair to watch the rodeo. Zane and Bailee each got to pick two friends to take with them and then spend the night.

Rick's busy this weekend taking kids to livestock judge in Colfax today and tractor drivers and horse judgers to Cashmere tomorrow. I guess we all have hit the school year running.

Look for more pictures posted later this week.


  1. I hope you have your running shes on.
    my week has been like that in DC
    Look forward to more photos.

  2. I want to see some back to school shots.