Sunday, February 19, 2012

A week of basketball and awards

We received a letter from the school inviting us to attend a special awards assembly at school this past Friday because Zane was to receive an award. We were supposed to keep it quiet. It also happened to be a 'read in' day so his entire classed dressed in PJs to read the afternoon away. He was awarded Outstanding Effort in all areas for going above and beyond. We are very proud. Here is a shot I took with my iPhone 4S so I could email Rick (who was that the state HS wrestling tournament in Tacoma). I can't figure out how to turn it. Sorry. All the pictures I take with my iPhone are blurry. I'll have to get Robyn to show me what I'm doing wrong when I visit this summer.

Then it was on to a weekend of basketball at a tournament in Davenport. They ended up 1-3 for the tournament. Basketball is now officially over. Here is a shot of Zane taken by a wonderful grandpa who takes photos at each game and prints them off and/or emails them to all of us. Thanks so much, Doug!

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