Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now on to wrestling...

Yesterday was the first of several wrestling tournaments in the month of March. I used my Rebel because I have misplaced the battery cover to my new camera when last charging the battery. I know I put it in a safe spot so I wouldn't lose it but can't remember where that "safe spot" is. I forgot how to change my shutter speed on the Rebel so my pictures turned out a bit blurry.

The chickens started laying eggs this week and our first calf arrived on March 1st (a nice little heifer)! Spring has arrived I hope. The temps are supposed to be up to almost 50 by the end of the week. It's definitely a muddy, mucky mess outside.

Here are a few shots of Bailee looking thrilled to be sitting all day in the gym. I am sure she will be excited (sarcastic here) to see these on the blog.

Here a few of Zane wrestling. He is in the maroon singlet. Wish they were a little sharper. I took a few that were blurry but would have been great shots otherwise so didn't post them. Darn!

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