Monday, March 12, 2012

Wrestling Video

I'll try to post a video Bailee took this weekend at the wrestling tournament. Zane ended up earning a bronze medal for 3rd place overall. He wrestled 4 matches and won 3 of 4. This video is showing one of his winning matches. Take a peek and let me know what you think. Zaner is in the maroon singlet.

Grandpa was here this weekend. It was great to see him.

The kiddos are gearing up for two livestock shows this spring. Steve, the lamb is here at home and the pigs are offsite at a local youth ranch.

Our chickens are finally starting to lay eggs. Or at least one or two are starting to lay. Usually they lay them on the floor the the coop but today one managed to lay an egg in the nesting box.

It was gorgeous on Friday and today it did a bit of everything from snow to hail to rain and wind. It's snowing again as I type. I guess this is spring in the Inland Northwest!

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  1. There is no video posted. We have been through your area today and experienced some of your weather elements. Congratulations to Zane and all his hard work.