Saturday, October 15, 2011

A trip to the ER

Zane played flag football this morning in Ritzville. About a minute after we arrived back home and while unloading the minivan, Bailee accidently shut the rear door down on Zane's head. That meant a trip to the ER. Amber, Rick and Noah (Zane's friend who is staying the night) took him to the ER while I stayed home to console Bailee who was a mess. As my mom always says, all's well that end's well. He doesn't have a concussion and got 3 stitches. Probably the best news for him is that he is cleared to play football next Friday. Both 4th grade teams are playing under the lights during halftime of the HS home game. Here are a few shots taken with Amber's cell phone of the head wound.

Before the stitches!
After the stitches! Unfortunately the doctor hit a blood vessel while trying to numb the area but he was all smiles as soon as everything was over.


  1. That's quite the gash. And it wasn't even a battle scar from football.

  2. Ouch, that looks like it hurts.
    Looks like he is happy with his battle scars, lol.

  3. Typical boy! Looks like he might be proud of his battle scar. Poor Bailey!