Sunday, October 23, 2011

Under the lights

The two 4th grade flag football teams were asked to play against each other during half-time of the home football game on Friday night. Zane and his classmates had a great time and it was a fun experience for everyone - especially the parents. I tried my hand at taking photos under the lights. They didn't turn out very well and were really dark and grainy.

Bailee's last volleyball game is tomorrow afternoon (her basketball season starts Tuesday). We are all wearing pink and buying goodies at the bake sale. All proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research. I'm taking my camera and will try to get a few photos in the gym tomorrow and post here later this week. The gym she plays in is old and no matter what settings I try, my photos always turn out a bit yellow.


  1. What a fun time for the 4th grade boys.

  2. I think these are great. Your lighting is not bad at all in these. Night football is hard to shoot.