Monday, August 29, 2011

Antelope Slot Canyon

Robyn and I went to Antelope Slot Canyon outside of Page, AZ on our way back to Montana from Sedona. It was truly a remarkable place that has to be seen through the eyes of your camera as well as in person. The colors and textures of the wall of this canyon just do not show up with the naked eye. There were 13 on our truck but there were so many more people there that day. Summer is famous for the "sunbeams". I was lucky enough to catch a couple with my camera.

I spent today in my classroom getting ready for my two Junior High classes. I then helped a friend get her room sort of put together. All of our "stuff" has been put in storage for the summer and has been moved into the new JH wing of our school for this year. Our Elementary will be in this new wing for this year while they tear our part of the building down to the studs and renovate. Zane and Bailee were a big help today too. They start school on Wednesday. Just two more days until the school year starts for them!

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  1. This is my favorite place on earth to shoot. You did a great job of capturing those beams.