Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapel of the Holy Cross

When we were in Sedona, AZ this summer, the Chapel of the Holy Cross was one of my favorite things to see. It was built right out of the red rocks of Sedona by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is absolutely beautiful and must be seen in person to really appreciate the architecture.

This is "Madonna & Child" Rock!

I took a trip today to Learning is Fun in Spokane and think I now have almost everything I need to start school. Bailee went to a pool party today to have a last "hurrah" before school starts next week. Zane is spending today riding in the combine with dad.

It's been so beautiful here today. This evening is warm with a small breeze! Perfect August weather in my opinion.


  1. My very favorite sight in Sedona and you captured it beautifully. I remember the night you took these. That Rebel XT takes excellent photos.

  2. This is such an awesome place, isn't it?