Saturday, August 6, 2011

V-Bar-V Heritage Site

One of my favorite day trips we made while in Arizona was the V-Bar-V Heritage Site. This is a small little place with a big archaeoastronomy find! This is where the ancient Sinagua people left petroglyphs with shadow stones to make a solar calendar telling when to plant crops, harvest crops and run all of daily life. It was so amazing to be there to see the sun cast its rays as it fell onto the shadow stones.

This is the path we walked to get to the petroglyphs!

 These shots show the petroglyphs and what they were carved on.

Here is our friendly park ranger explaining the shadow stones (two stones jutting out of the rocks at the top of the photo) and how the Sinagua people interpreted the shadows to live every day life.

Robyn and Debbie - this is the only photo taken of the two of us together during our entire trip! Sorry, Robyn, for not asking if I could post this before I posted it. At least our shirts match! =) It was very hot that day - I think the temperature was close to 100!

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  1. Some nice photos, my friend. It is fun to relive our excursion through your pics and narrative.